Xi Jinping: It is necessary to recognize, love, respect and use talents, guide young literary and art workers to keep the right path and walk the road, encourage them to be more innovative and produce high-quality products, support them to play the leading role and be the protagonist, and make contemporary Chinese writers and artists like spring water The same rushing out, making the sky of Chinese literature and art more splendid.

  This sentence comes from the speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the 11th National Congress of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the 10th National Congress of the Chinese Writers Association on December 14, 2021.

  "A talent can be achieved by merit, and a wide range of careers can be achieved."

The prosperity and development of Chinese literary and artistic undertakings must rely on the continuous flow of talents.

  Literary and artistic talents are the foundation of good works.

Excellent literary and artistic works reflect the literary and artistic creation ability and level of a country and a nation. To measure the level and achievements of literary and artistic creation in an era, the final look is the work.

Good works are created by excellent creators, so training is the top priority to improve the quality of works.

On the one hand, to excavate talents, we must have a discerning eye; to treat talents, we must have the sincerity of loving them; to use talents, we must have the courage to use them.

On the other hand, it is necessary to create a space environment suitable for the growth of talents, so that literary and artistic talents can calm down, strive for excellence in creation, show their talents to the best of their ability, and dedicate the best spiritual food to the people.

  Virtue and art are the standard of literary and artistic talents.

General Secretary Xi Jinping asked literary and art workers to "keep the right path and walk the avenue".

The "Tao" here is the core socialist values ​​and great virtue.

Shuangxin of virtue and art is the foundation of personality and career of literary and artistic talents.

Literature and art workers should take virtue and art as the goal they strive for, constantly strengthen their ideological and moral cultivation, stick to artistic ideals, actively participate in real life and the great changes of the times, improve their personal learning, self-cultivation and self-cultivation, strengthen their own knowledge reserves, Cultural literacy and artistic training, adhere to noble professional ethics, establish a good social image, and constantly create literary and artistic works of both literary quality and beauty, in order to win the recognition and love of the people.

  Young literary and artistic talents are the hope of literary and artistic careers.

Young people are full of vigor and innovative spirit, and young people are prosperous in career.

In selecting talents without sticking to one pattern, the focus should be placed on young people, so that more young literary and artistic talents can stand out.

With the increasing diversification of literary and artistic forms and the continuous improvement of marketization, the composition and organizational form of literary and artistic teams are undergoing profound changes, and the identities of the subjects are more diverse.

The rich new formats of literature and art have provided a steady stream of talent support for literature and art creation, and also put forward new topics for the construction of literature and art teams.

It is particularly important and urgent to give full play to the wisdom of all kinds of young literary and artistic talents, guide them to do their best and develop their strengths, and become a living force for the prosperity of socialist literary and artistic undertakings.

Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions, the vast number of literary and art workers in our country, especially young literary and art workers, have worked hard to devote themselves to the vivid practice of the new era. A series of masterpieces of literature and art such as "Remember Nostalgia", with the strong positive energy of patriotism, national spirit, and heroic spirit, played one strong note after another on the road of national rejuvenation.

  The new leaves of Fanglin urged the old leaves, and the waves of flowing water gave way to the waves of the back.

The new era is an era of great talents.

Taking root in the times, serving the people, establishing a strong awareness of talents, and improving the employment policies and mechanisms, we will surely be able to "gather the talents from all over the world and use them", and the beautiful expectation of "making the sky of Chinese literature and art more splendid" will surely be realized.

  Special expert for this issue: Wang Ying, Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences