At the start in central Eksjö, about a hundred people had gathered on Sunday morning to walk or cycle around the three different stations in Eksjö.

The distance from start to finish was about twelve kilometers long and ended at the Klinten nature reserve in Eksjö.

- I hatched the idea when we would have an inauguration for this new wetland now after the pandemic.

Then we thought it would be a good idea to get people out into nature and show our reserves here around Eksjö and at the same time collect money for a good cause, says Stefan Johansson, forest manager at Eksjö municipality.

Big commitment

Matilda Jansson and her daughter Bibbi Axelsson were two of the participants during Sunday's bike ride.

- We found out about this event through the cycling club here in Eksjö and felt that we wanted to be involved and contribute to a good cause.

Then it is also cozy to do it with the family, says Matilda Jansson.

The day was arranged by Eksjö municipality and the County Administrative Board in Jönköping County.

For each participant, local companies in Eksjö donated money to Ukraine.

In the clip above, you hear the organizer Stefan Johansson and the participant Matilda Jansson with daughter Bibbi Axelsson tell about why they chose to participate during the collection.