It was through a Russian student at the ballet school that the head of the dance school André Ekelberg came into contact with Ukrainian refugees at Mälarblick in Strängnäs.

He now offers children, young people and adults who are interested in dancing at his school up to twice a week.

- Dance has no age barrier, so if you like to dance, I accept those who want and have the desire.

That's just what it's about, he says.

The dance school has extended the semester until the start of the summer holidays and will continue to receive Ukrainian refugees this autumn as well.

"My humanitarian effort"

- I hope that others also want to follow my example and help in any way they can.

It is my humanitarian efforts and my heart that say I should do this, says André Ekelberg.

Join a lesson and hear how Taisiia Fedorishcheva from Kharkiv feels after the first lesson in Sweden in the clip above.