US President Biden arrived in Japan, the next destination, yesterday (22nd) after visiting Korea.

After the US-Japan summit this morning, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) will be officially announced in the afternoon.

Correspondent Park Sang-jin from Tokyo.


Yesterday, at around 5 PM, the private plane with President Biden arrived at Yokoda Air Base, outside Tokyo, Japan.

In the Japanese government, Foreign Minister Hayashi personally went to the airport to greet him.

In preparation for President Biden's visit and the quad meeting since last week, Japan has sent 18,000 police officers to significantly strengthen the vigilance of major facilities such as airports.

While traffic control is in place in various places, barricades are placed on the road leading to the US embassy, ​​and Japanese police are conducting checkpoints.

President Biden is scheduled to meet with Emperor Naruhito on his first schedule this morning, followed by a summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida.

The two leaders are expected to discuss the Ukraine crisis, measures to contain China, and North Korea's nuclear program.

[Kishida/Prime Minister of Japan: It is important to deepen the relationship of trust (the US and Japan leaders), and I want to confirm the strengthening of the US-Japan alliance as well.]

Japanese media reported that Prime Minister Kishida emphasized the US-Japan alliance at this summit, and Japan's defense cost It is reported that an increase will be expressed.

In the afternoon, President Biden will meet a Japanese family abducted by North Korea and officially announce the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, a US-led economic bloc initiative.

Tomorrow, the US, Japan, India, and Australia will participate in the Quad Meeting, a security cooperation chain for China to check in.