U.S. President Biden met with Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun on the morning of the 22nd, and at this meeting, a reporter asked if he had anything to say to Kim Jong-un.

He replied 'hello' very briefly.

At the Korea-US summit this time, the statement that 'we will respond with nuclear weapons to North Korea's nuclear threat' was also included in the joint declaration for the first time, and President Biden's brief response is analyzed as an extension of this trend.

This is reporter Bae Jun-woo.


President Biden met with Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun yesterday and was asked a question about General Secretary Kim Jong-un.

[Joe Biden/President of the United States (Yesterday): (Do you have a message for Kim Jong-un?) Hello.

Period (Hello. Ideally, the end.)]

After a meaningless greeting, I turned around without adding any words.

At the press conference the day before yesterday, President Biden raised the 'North Korea attitude' as a prerequisite for dialogue,

[Joe Biden/President of the United States (the day before): (North Korea)) ) I have a doctor.]

Yesterday's brief greeting is interpreted to mean that we will watch North Korea's response without adding any more.

Compared to former President Trump, CNN noted that "Biden doesn't seem to want a 'love letter' from Kim Jong-un or thirsty for a handshake with Kim Jong-un."

[Park Won-gon/Professor of North Korean Studies at Ewha Womans University: I once talked about Kim Jong-un as a 'thug' and a 'dictator' and expressed a very negative view.

It would be correct to think that the perception of Kim Jong-un (at the time) was reflected as it is.

In fact, it seems to be correct to interpret that we do not intend to meet much.]

At the summit the day before yesterday, South Korea and the United States stipulated that nuclear response to the extended deterrence provided by the United States, joint South Korea-U.

In a situation where North Korea's additional ICBM test launches and even nuclear test movements have been caught, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is likely to fluctuate depending on the level of North Korea's future actions with the message of 'we will respond to action with action'.