China News Service, Beijing, May 22 (Reporter Chen Hang) Xiao Dan, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Haidian District Committee and head of the Propaganda Department, said at a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia in Beijing held on the 22nd that at 15:00 on May 21st At 15:00 on May 22, there were 24 new confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia in Haidian District, including 13 cases of management and control personnel, and 11 cases of social screening, all of which have been transferred to designated hospitals for treatment.

Some of these cases were caused by family gatherings and dinners. Once again, the general public is reminded to work from home, rest at home, reduce the flow of social personnel, and do not have meals or gatherings.

  Notification of new risk points

  May 14

  10:15-10:34 Supermarket near Building 4, Youyi Community, Haidian Street

  May 15

  11:00 No. 96, Zhichun Road, Haidian District

  May 16

  10:45 Papa Candy Wudaokou Store

  May 17

  8:46, 19:10 Hema Fresh (Shuangqing Road Store)

  15:30-18:00 Sijiqing West Fourth Ring North Road No. 63

  May 18

  6:00921 bus (Sitongqiao West Station - Jin'anqiao West Station)

  14:32-14:49 Hema Fresh (Shuangqing Road Store)

  18:10 Juewei Duck Neck Store and No. 47 First-hand Store, No. 43, North Third Ring West Road, Haidian District

  18:50-18:56Bidekang Pharmacy

  May 19

  6:00 Bus No. 425 (Sitongqiao West Station - Beishatanqiao West Station)

  8:54 Supermarket dispatch (Xueyuan Road store)

  13:00-13:18 Convenience Bee (Qingjiayuan Building 12 Store)

  13:37 Convenience Bee (Dongsheng South Road Longhu Tangning ONE Store)

  13:00-17:00 Courtyard No. 31, Xitucheng Road

  15:13 Hema Fresh (Shuangqing Road Store)

  16:00 Building 2, Wukong Bridge A (Banyi Community)

  19:29 Papa Candy Wudaokou Store

  May 20

  6:00921 bus (Sitongqiao West Station - Dongran Village Station)

  May 21

  10:00-11:00 Block A, No. 40, Fuxing Road, Haidian District

  17:12 Fresh Vegetable Supermarket, No. 32, Fuxing Road

  May 17-19, 7:30-13:00, 16:30-19:00, Unit 3, Building 3, Jiayuan, Jiaotong University, Haidian District.

  May 17th at 12:37, May 18th at 9:40, May 19th at 19:10, May 21st at 11:00 and 17:00 Fruit Shop in Commercial E Center, Yard 32, Fuxing Road

  May 18 at 14:23, May 19 at 8:37 Supermarket (Lanrun store)

  May 19th 9:00-15:30, May 20th 6:00-22:00, May 21st 17:00-19:00 Minmi Chicken (Huaxi Store)

  Xiao Dan reminded that anyone who has time and space intersection with the above-mentioned risk points, and who receives a pop-up reminder from the health treasure, please report to the community (village) and unit where they are located, and cooperate with the implementation of various prevention and control measures.

Some of the cases released on the 22nd were caused by family gatherings and dinners. Once again, the general public is reminded to work from home and rest at home, reduce the flow of social personnel, and do not have meals or gatherings.

  Strictly implement promotion control

  Xiao Dan introduced that Haidian District will continue to implement the "Quartet Responsibilities" with all units, departments and individuals within its jurisdiction, and strictly implement various epidemic prevention policies.

  The first is to strictly implement the promotion and control measures.

Since 12:00 yesterday, Haidian District has implemented global upgrade control. Haidian District has strictly implemented measures such as working from home, community and village prevention and control management, and reducing gathering activities. The newly designated control areas have been strictly implemented. Control measures, except nucleic acid sampling, Except for throwing garbage and picking up couriers (wearing N95 masks), people are isolated at home and stay at home.

Increase the supervision and inspection of various business premises, seven small stores, etc., to ensure that the supermarkets, vegetable stores, catering institutions (only provide takeaway services, cancel dine-in), medical institutions, pharmacies, etc. that meet basic living needs in the area are suspended. open for business.

At the same time, strengthen the prevention and control linkage with colleges and universities in the region, and colleges and universities manage according to the original prevention and control measures.

  The second is to make every effort to ensure residents' living services.

All supply-guaranteed supermarkets and supply outlets in the Haidian area are open for normal operation. Through the supply-guarantee model of “sealed and controlled supermarkets in the area + nearby support stores + online platforms”, daily necessities such as meat, eggs, vegetables, and milk are sold at 2% of the usual sales volume. -3 times stocking to ensure sufficient supply of residents' living materials.

All relevant streets and towns in the upgraded control area have established contacts with surrounding supermarkets and emergency outlets to provide point-to-point services to meet the daily needs of residents.

Relying on the key e-commerce platforms in the region, supplement the distribution force, do a good job in the deployment of e-commerce transportation capacity, and open up the "last mile" of residents' living materials guarantee.

In response to the problem of material security for residents in the closure and control areas, key security and supply companies were connected to mobilize supplies overnight, and 85,000 "love vegetable packs" were successively distributed to some residents in the closure and control areas on the 22nd.

  The third is to further coordinate the forces of all parties.

Fully mobilize more than 59,000 service forces such as sinking party members, cadres, community workers, and volunteers to enrich the frontline of the battle, and do a good job in community and village closed management, nucleic acid testing, material transfer, and delivery of medicines and other services.