The U.S. Department of State has designated Aum Shinrikyo, which caused the "subway sarin attack" 27 years ago, as a "foreign terrorist organization" based on domestic law. Announced that the designation has been lifted.

In 1995, 27 years ago, Aum Shinrikyo caused a "subway sarin attack" in which 14 people died and about 6,300 people were damaged. Based on the designation as a "foreign terrorist organization".

On the 20th, the State Department announced that it had lifted the designation.

He explains why, "I am no longer involved in terrorist activities and have no ability or willingness to carry out terrorism."

The Department of State reviews the designation of "foreign terrorist organizations" every five years, and about Aum Shinrikyo, 13 people, including former representative Shoko Asahara and former convict on death row Matsumoto, were executed four years ago. rice field.

On the other hand, the State Department said, "It does not overlook past acts of terrorism or damage caused to victims, but shows that Japan and others have succeeded in eliminating the threat of terrorism." Will continue to be designated, and assets in the United States will continue to be frozen.