• On June 12 and 19, the French will be called upon to appoint their deputies during the legislative elections.

  • Strasbourg is divided into three constituencies: one in the centre, one more to the south (the 2nd), a last one more to the north (the 3rd).

  • Within these three constituencies,

    20 Minutes

    introduces you to 4 candidates whose background you do not suspect.

    Sometimes amazing...

It will soon be off again for two rounds!

On June 12 and 19, the people of Strasbourg will elect their three deputies.

In these three constituencies, some candidates have experienced atypical life paths or are clearly different from others.

20 Minutes

has selected four.

Tamara Volokhova (RN), the native of Russia "passionate about French culture"

Don't talk to her about modeling.

“But it was only a few small parades at the local level, I am not an ex-top model!

Neither influencer nor eye of Moscow, ”exclaims Tamara Volokhova.

The representative of the National Rally (RN) in the first constituency still had some adventures.

Started in 1990 in Rostov-sur-le-Don, his hometown in Russia.

“My parents are of Ukrainian origin but I have always been passionate about French culture.

She inspired me enormously from a very young age, perhaps thanks to authors like Dumas.

“At 17, her baccalaureate in her pocket, she therefore took the plunge to settle in Strasbourg.

Studies at the Robert-Schuman University and political communication followed, up to an internship at the European Parliament, where she still works.

For the RN group, joined in 2014.

“I got involved in politics because I find that the state of France is deteriorating.

We are no longer safe and the social divide is impressive”, launches the one who obtained dual nationality in 2016. “I am an example of successful assimilation”, still believes the thirty-year-old, refuting the paradox of seeing a candidate from foreign origin invested by a party which advocates national preference.

“Marine Le Pen does not look at origins”, assures Tamara Volokhova.

still considers the thirty-year-old by refuting the paradox of seeing a candidate of foreign origin invested by a party which advocates national preference.

“Marine Le Pen does not look at origins”, assures Tamara Volokhova.

still considers the thirty-year-old by refuting the paradox of seeing a candidate of foreign origin invested by a party which advocates national preference.

“Marine Le Pen does not look at origins”, assures Tamara Volokhova.

Sébastien Mas, the ex-DJ with a thousand lives

Where to start with him?

His many trades perhaps.

Before becoming a French trainer for migrants in 2014, Sébastien Mas was in turn a farm worker, newspaper seller, kitchen clerk, bartender or disc jockey!

“For two years on weekends then the box in my city closed,” laughs the forty-year-old, from Sainte-Foy-la-Grande (Gironde).

His arrival in Strasbourg took place much later, in 2010. Almost by chance.

“I often went to Germany to see a girlfriend and I stopped in Strasbourg where I had contacts.

The candidate of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) for the 3rd constituency has since never ceased to maintain them through his many activities.

Associative, musical, militant... The jack-of-all-trades, long-time bass player for several punk and rock bands,

admits: "I get bored if I don't do anything.

So he couldn't ignore politics.

His first experience dates back to 2007 "to support José Bové in the presidential election".

Then there was the Parti de Gauche launched by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader whom he followed among the Insoumis (LFI).

"If we do nothing, the world is made without us", insists the hyperactive.

Capucine Gautheron, youth at the service of Alsace

No, she is not the youngest candidate in France!

But Capucine Gautheron is only two years older than Raphaëlle Rosa, invested in Moselle.

At almost twenty – in June – the law student will represent the Alsatian autonomist party “Unser Land” in the 3rd constituency.

Already her second electoral campaign after the departmental elections in 2021. Logic for this early political enthusiast from the Robertsau district.

“My father used to take me to the café when I was little and read the newspaper.

Then, I started activism around 11-12 years old and it accelerated in college”, explains the young girl who ventured into Les Républicains “but not for long”.

No, she prefers the defense of her region.

“We want an Alsace outside the Grand-Est and with broad skills.

On the model of the German Länder”,

she explains, presenting her party as a “center-right movement while being transpartisan”.

His speech is polished and enunciated with an already very accomplished eloquence.

Above all, Capucine Gautheron would like youth to rhyme with weakness.

“I rather see my age as an asset.

If it can also encourage people my age to go and vote…”

Alexandre Wolf Samaloussi, "Franco-German symbol"

The Rhine, he knows well.

Ever since he was little, Alexandre Wolf Samaloussi has been crossing it regularly to go on either side of the border.

More precisely from Kehl, where the 26-year-old grew up with his parents, in Strasbourg, where he attended school.

The representative of Les Républicains in the 2nd constituency, who has been a member “for ten years, first with the UMP” is quite proud to have the cultures of the two countries in their blood.

"Originally, my grandmother, who was Corsican and had come with her military father to Kehl, married a German in 1959," he recalls.

“Yes, you could say that I am a bit of a Franco-German symbol.

The proof, the soon-to-be ex-student of EM Strasbourg Business School now works as a sector manager in a German company.

And he hopes that this double culture could also be used in the event of a mandate as a deputy… “It is important to have elected representatives who can communicate easily in Germany and understand the issues on the other side of the Rhine.

He already knows the way perfectly.

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