Jacques Serais, edited by Laura Laplaud 2:00 p.m., May 21, 2022

The day after the announcement of the composition of her government, the new Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne is traveling to Calvados where she is a candidate in the 6th constituency in view of the legislative elections.

A campaign weekend where she follows a well-oiled method, that of Jacques Chirac.

It was Jacques Chirac's method of campaigning and it has become a tradition for politicians: "to feel the cows' ass".

The new Prime Minister has been in Calvados since Saturday morning where she is running for the 6th constituency.

A campaign weekend and a local weekend.

Elisabeth Borne is a candidate in Calvados

Elisabeth Borne is currently visiting a dairy farm in Bocage Normand, but with her new status as Prime Minister, she is not going unnoticed.

“Sorry, there are a few of us,” she says to a farmer who takes the opportunity to introduce himself.

"My name is Olivier, I'm 42 years old, I settled in July 2005 on my parents' family farm."


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This farm visited by Elisabeth Borne extends over a hundred hectares.

The candidate for the legislative elections is living her first campaign and therefore tries to strike up a conversation with the farmer and the children, in front of the little calves who have just been born.

But it is not innate for this polytechnician who still recalls her Norman origins to justify her candidacy.

"My family is from Calvados, a little further east. It's a territory to which I am attached, I come here as much as I can", she confides.

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Will the legislative elections call into question his position at Matignon?

On this point, she makes a diversion: "Thank you for this very original question. But see, I put myself in the logic of this campaign in which I am committed as much as I can, with the objective of winning."

To win, Elisabeth Borne will beat the campaign on Saturday and Sunday.

She will meet the merchants of downtown Villers Bocage this afternoon.