The end of the resistance of the Ukrainian troops in Mariupol is not the end of the drama of this city, which has become a symbol for both sides since the first days of the war against Ukraine.

The Russian regime will propaganda exploit this victory and give it more importance than it actually has in the big picture.

Statements by Russian politicians raise fears of show trials of soldiers from the "Azov" battalion, which, because of its truly far-right beginnings, figures prominently in the Kremlin's lies about an allegedly "Nazi" Ukraine.

Unfortunately, it is doubtful whether Kiev's attempts to free the men in Russian hands through a prisoner exchange will be successful.

However, giving up the fight for the city, which has been hopeless for weeks, is not a sign of the Ukrainians' waning will to resist.

Rather, their fate shows them why they are fighting.

The merciless shelling of residential areas shows the ruthlessness of the war criminals around Vladimir Putin.

That's why Mariupol should also serve as a reminder for the debate in Germany: The ruins of the city, where thousands of peaceful people are believed to have perished, show why support for the Ukrainians' struggle is a moral duty.