• The day after her defeat in the presidential election, Marine Le Pen disappeared from the media radar.

  • The National Rally candidate took a two-week break, during which Jean-Luc Mélenchon led a vigorous campaign.

  • For the past few days, the RN has been hitting hard on the rebellious leader and hopes to bring around 60 deputies into the National Assembly next June.

After a very long campaign, which began in January 2020, Marine Le Pen felt the need to breathe.

The National Rally candidate had suddenly disappeared from the field and from the media after her new defeat in the second round of the presidential election against Emmanuel Macron on April 24.

It took two weeks to see her reappear all smiles in the middle of a flea market in her stronghold of Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais).

" I missed you ?

“, she had fun then, very happy to find the cameras.

The former boss of the RN, who left her throne to MEP Jordan Bardella, especially missed hers.

Because during its two weeks of spring greening, the National Rally found itself under the radar, leaving all the light to walkers, and above all, to Jean-Luc Mélenchon a few weeks before crucial legislative elections.

“There was no vacation, no rest!


"Stop talking about rest, it's media disinformation!

We have the right not to succumb to the dictatorship of the media.

Marine did not leave the Paris region for more than two days.

There is no holiday, no rest!

“, annoys Gilles Pennelle, one of the executives of the movement, while the person concerned has nevertheless dodged until the traditional tribute to Joan of Arc, organized each year by her movement on May 1st.

“All that is media brainwashing who decided to build a balloon called Jean-Luc Mélenchon,” he adds.

As an old wizard of politics, the boss of La France insoumise did not let the news breathe without him.

The former senator not only snatched an alliance of all the left for the next elections, but he did so by convincing his allies to line up behind him.

While Marine Le Pen gave him free rein, the leader of Nupes (New People's Ecological and Social Union) called on the French without respite to “elect him Prime Minister” on 12 and 19 June next.

"Everyone knows it's a fable.

This horrible coalition of "the Burkini left" is going to fall apart.

I believe that it is in truth a real scarecrow for voters, ”fulminates Gilles Pennelle, the head of the party federations and RN candidate in Ile-et-Vilaine.

His colleague Sébastien Chenu also sweeps away any delay in ignition, but half-acknowledges the nice “tactical move” of the tribune.

“We don't have the same schedules.

Mélenchon needed to go quickly to overtake his partners and competitors on the left to better put them under his rule, ”slips the deputy from the North.

“He needed to go fast to make that shot.

We're not looking to hit."

"We are not in Mr. Mélenchon's Bouglione circus"

Nevertheless, to limit the lead taken by her adversary in the media and in the polls, Marine Le Pen no longer misses an opportunity to hit on it, like this Wednesday.

“The French do not want Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

He has zero chance of being prime minister.

These are lies to try to deceive the French, who are not fooled by these shenanigans.

We are the only opposition to Emmanuel Macron”, she launched, during a trip to Saint-Dizier in Haute-Marne, the first outside of her circo of Pas-de-Calais in this campaign.

The party to the flame has also chosen a completely different strategy for the future election.

Marine Le Pen does not dream of Matignon like her opponent, but more modestly claims to want to limit Emmanuel Macron's future majority as much as possible.

“An institutional logic”, defend the members of the RN, who are accused by the left of not even trying to go into battle.

“We are not in the Bouglione circus of Mr. Mélenchon, but in a determined and serious opposition.

The majority of the president must be as short as possible, to force him to be in the permanent negotiation”, thus justifies Sébastien Chenu.

If the National Rally is so cautious, it is because it has in mind the meager harvest of 2017. Despite qualifying for the second round of the presidential election, Marine Le Pen's party had only obtained eight elected members in the following legislative .

This time, the MP for Pas-de-Calais nevertheless hopes for a group and is even targeting around sixty MPs.

“On the ground, it has nothing to do with 2017, where people, disappointed by the debate between the two rounds, told us that they would not vote.

I am also convinced that we will do more second rounds than LFI, ”adds this close friend of Marine Le Pen.

As for the municipal 2020 and the regional the following year, the latter should not be unemployed by the first round.

His team talks about two to three trips and several media each week.

Before a big meeting at the end of the campaign, probably in the North.

Enough to make up for lost time?


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