On the 22nd, the last day of US President Joe Biden's visit to Korea, the leaders of the Republic of Korea and the United States will visit the Korean Air And Space Operations Center (KAOC) of the Air Force Operations Command, which directs air operations across the Korean Peninsula.

The President's Office Spokesperson's Office announced this through a media notice today (20th).

President Yoon Seok-yeol and President Biden will receive a report on operational status from KAOC and encourage soldiers to carry out joint ROK-U.S. operations, the spokesperson's office explained.

It is known that there have been no cases of US presidents visiting Korea directly visiting the KAOC.

It is interpreted as the intention of the two leaders to show off the solid South Korea-US alliance by finding a place with a symbol of combined defense amid North Korea's successive provocations, while sending a warning message to North Korea.

The KAOC, located in the underground bunker of the Osan Base, serves as the de facto 'strategic command' of the South Korean military, commanding and controlling aerospace operations across the Korean Peninsula.