On May 19, local time, the Brazilian Civil Defense Department stated that the flooding of the Amazon state caused by the flooding and rising water levels affected the lives of more than 300,000 people in the Amazon region.

  Currently, 58 cities in the state have been affected by flooding, with 29 cities under a state of emergency, 28 cities on alert and 1 city under a state of concern.

It is reported that in the disaster monitoring system of the Brazilian Civil Defense Department, when there is a major and unpredictable meteorological or hydrological risk, the disaster level is divided into three categories: concerned state, alert state and emergency state according to the degree of urgency from low to high.

  The Brazilian Civil Defense Department stated that it will monitor and assess the disaster situation in real time by measuring rainfall at various sites and the water level of rivers in the region.

(Headquarters reporter Ni Tianying)