Members of the Liberal Democratic Party, who attach great importance to fiscal consolidation, have summarized the proposals to the government and set the government's goal of turning the primary balance into the black in 2025. On the other hand, in consideration of the active fiscal groups within the party, "we will carry out necessary verification according to the situation."

Two organizations are discussing fiscal policy within the LDP, and on the 17th of this week, the "Fiscal Policy Review Headquarters" by members of the active fiscal group will bring the basic fiscal balance into the black in 2025. We have put together a proposal that requires sufficient verification of the government's goals.

On the 20th, a meeting of the "Financial Soundness Promotion Headquarters" was held by members of the Diet who emphasized financial soundness, and proposals to the government were presented.

In this statement, he said, "We will not lower the flag of fiscal consolidation and will work on the goals of fiscal consolidation so far." We will do it, "showing an attitude of giving consideration to active fiscal groups.

At the meeting, the proposal was generally approved, and former Minister of Finance Fukushiro Nukaga, who is the head of the headquarters, will make final adjustments with former Prime Minister Abe, who will be the chief adviser of the "examination headquarters" of the active fiscal group, and make recommendations. I want to decide.