[News Essay] How can the "Internet Celebrity City" become ever-popular

  In recent years, many cities have become popular through short video live broadcasts and have become "Internet Celebrity Cities".

On multiple platforms, it has become a fashionable travel standard to take pictures or live check-in of the iconic attractions and delicacies of the "Internet celebrity city".

In the upsurge of self-media city image dissemination across the country, the competition among major cities is also becoming increasingly fierce.

  However, long-term observation shows that it is not easy to maintain the popularity of "Internet celebrity". The ranking list of "Internet celebrity cities" has been changing, and some cities have been silent after they came out of the circle.

Why is it favored to create an "Internet celebrity city"?

What does it mean to become an "Internet celebrity city" for a place?

What is hidden behind the flow password?

  Fundamentally, as an emerging medium, the dissemination characteristics of short videos have created a "net celebrity city".

The intuitiveness and immediacy of short videos make the dissemination of city images more rapid and efficient.

Most of the disseminators are young groups, and they can spread the message immediately after shooting, with a wide audience, fast and efficient.

Short videos visually present urban attractions or delicacies to the public, most of which have not undergone special polishing and post-processing, and are more intuitive and credible for the dissemination of urban images.

The highly entertaining nature of short videos also attracts widespread participation.

The content in the short video is close to life and grounded, and the narrative method is flexible and interesting, which can arouse empathy.

  It can be said that in this field, the shaping of the city image is dynamic, not only in a certain video, but in the entire communication chain. Countless nodes converge together to gradually form a collection of city images.

  Short video dissemination is three-dimensional, and its functions are also multi-dimensional.

The live broadcast platform brings huge traffic to individual video content producers, and these traffic also point to the city, allowing the city to instantly gain countless display opportunities.

Massive network attention means massive capital attention and huge economic momentum.

"Internet celebrity cities" directly drive the development of local tourism. Local commercial brands, out-of-the-circle attractions, special folklore, and food have accumulated great popularity. News of long queues at "Internet celebrity" restaurants and scenic spots are not uncommon.

  Although "Internet Celebrity City" you sing and I will appear, the short video media itself determines that it is not easy to maintain the popularity of "Internet Celebrity".

Except for major first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which have long been at the forefront of the relevant lists due to their own competitiveness, most cities cannot escape the fate of falling out of the circle by relying on short videos.

The reason is that the overall strategy of its urban image dissemination is still limited, and the short video is also lacking in the mining and presentation of cultural connotations.

After all, short video is just a medium, and the rapid spread of short video cannot be completely equal to the efficient spread of city image.

  For a city's image, the cultural content and its appeal are enduring and timeless.

It is not difficult to classify and compare the video content about the city image on the live broadcast platform, most of which are about commercial food and local attractions, the younger generation of communication groups, the randomness of content communication, and the limitation of content innovation ability. And the entertainment of social media has led to the common problems of single, repetitive, shallow and one-sided video content.

If the soul of a city, that is, the culture and spirit of the city, is not truly reflected, the popularity of the "Internet celebrity city" will be difficult to maintain.

Relevant statistics from multiple short video platforms also show that short video dissemination based on urban characteristics is more popular; among the urban characteristics that the public likes, cultural charm ranks first.

  my country's existing Internet users have exceeded 1 billion, and the scale of online short video users has exceeded 900 million. This is an opportunity and a challenge for the dissemination of urban image.

At present, the logic of "content is king" is still outdated. If an "Internet celebrity city" wants to become popular, the interpretation, innovation and dissemination of cultural connotations are necessary prerequisites. Reshape the unique city image.

In addition to doing a good job in cultural mining and creative transformation and dissemination, a city also needs to constantly pay attention to and enhance its strength in other aspects, so that it can continue to attract a tidal wave of "attention".

  (Author: Chen Hongyu, a researcher at the Capital Culture Research Center)