Gisele Bündchen got her first big catwalk break when she was booked to take part in

London Fashion Week for the first time in 1998


Although at that time she was not yet recognized internationally and she did not fit into the

heroin chic


that prevailed in the fashion world, she was also recruited for the

Alexander McQueen fashion show,

which would end up being a historical show.

The problem is that she was only 18 years old and barely spoke English, so she didn't dare to ask what she was wearing when she didn't understand it the first time it was explained to her.

"This was one of the most traumatic moments," Gisele told

British Vogue

upon seeing the photo of her


: a

strappy silver top that showed off her breasts

and matching underwear.

"I just pretended I understood. And I was like, 'Is this a T-shirt or something?' No, it was this. So

I burst into tears as soon as I saw it


Gisele has said that her makeup artist begged her to calm down because her tears threatened to ruin her work.

She managed to regain her composure but inside she only thought about

what her father would say

about her if one day she ended up seeing the photos they were taking of her.

"That's why I have the memory of this parade. All I wanted was to get out of there but you know, it's one of those things that makes you stronger," said the Brazilian top.

Gisele Bündchen in an image of her early years as a model.GTRES

Gisele also suffered

"anxiety and panic attacks"

during her first days as a model despite the fact that facing the rest of the world she was living the dream of every young woman: "Inside, I felt that I had hit rock bottom, I started the day with a frappuccino mocha with whipped cream and three cigarettes, then I'd

drink a bottle of wine every night

. Imagine what that was doing to my head."

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