Dubai Criminal Court condemns a woman who endangered her child... with disgraceful behavior

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian woman in absentia to two months in prison, on charges of endangering the safety of her child, as she abandoned her after being placed in a hospital, and then left for her country.

The case papers stated, as established in the conviction of the court and acknowledged in its conscience by looking at the papers and the inferences and investigations they contained, that a communication was received from the head of the administrative affairs department in the hospital, stating that the accused gave birth to a child, and she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit for premature infants, due to her poor health condition. Then the accused was allowed to leave the hospital, and the child remained in the care unit.

About three months after the mother was discharged, she returned to the hospital again, and then left without taking her child, stressing that she had abandoned her care, endangering her safety, and it was later revealed that she had left the country.

After examining the case, and recording the non-attendance of the accused, despite her announcement, the court concluded in its merits that the aforementioned crime is realized by doing or refraining from doing an act that would endanger people's lives, health, security and freedoms.

The court clarified in the rationale that it is not required for this act to result in harm resulting from it, rather it is sufficient merely for the accused to perform the sinful act. It is the intention of the accused to intentionally commit the act, knowing that his behavior endangers people's lives, health, security or freedoms.

She indicated that she was reassured by the statements of the informant and what was stated in the Dubai Health Authority book that the accused gave birth to a child, and gave up her care without reason, and then sentenced her to two months in prison.

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