Guillaume Dominguez 11:12 a.m., May 20, 2022

In Cabourg, the shortage of labor in catering is particularly acute.

In the tourist town of Normandy, many professionals are forced to adjust the opening schedule of their establishment due to lack of staff.

A shortfall difficult to collect.


“Recruit waiters, cooks or both”: on the slates of restaurants on Avenue de la Mer, job offers share the poster with the daily specials.

"I miss three servers, a kitchen clerk, a dishwasher", explains to Europe 1 Laurent Bénard, manager of the pier in the center of Cabourg.

For the first time in 27 years, he is forced to close two days a week to continue working.

"I need my base team to be able to rest too. I don't want to tire them out and make them work excessive hours, that's not the goal. The best option was to close for two days and hope that don't hurt us too much."

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A shortfall of 20%

David Dumont tries to limit the breakage.

He owns two restaurants, where he employs around 30 people year-round.

He too is forced to stay on winter schedules this summer.

"In July and August most certainly, we will close two days off to allow our regular customers to always have one of our infrastructures open and ready to welcome them", he explains.

"It's a real accounting choice because it's still summer that we're going to get winter wages. The first choice, for now, is to maintain jobs."

Sacrifice revenues so as not to have to sacrifice jobs later.

David estimates that his shortfall this summer will be 20% of his turnover, or the equivalent of 560,000 euros.