There is a black one, and a spotted one: Emma, ​​the female jaguar of the Parrot World animal park, in Crécy-la-Chapelle in Seine-et-Marne, gave birth on April 1 to two adorable little males.

The public will be able to observe them this weekend and will even be invited to participate in the choice of first names.

The parents of the two baby animals are named Emma and Ti'Punch, and they arrived in the park in August and November 2020 respectively. The mother jaguar became pregnant in early 2022 and was isolated at the end of March, to give birth without stress.

The two cubs were born blind, like all jaguars, and each weighed around 2.7kg in mid-April.

They are in "perfect health" indicates the park in a press release, and "already take advantage of the second outdoor enclosure, not visible to the public, in order to discover their environment without stress".

The birth of these two little jaguars is an “unprecedented and very important event for the survival of the species”, which is threatened, explains Parrot World.

In 2021, only six jaguars were born in all the member parks of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and two in 2020.



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