A church in Amiens (Somme) was targeted this Wednesday by a theft and damage this Wednesday.

The doors of the tabernacle of the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary were forced open and it was robbed.

The cupboard contained the ciborium, where the hosts are kept.

These were found scattered on the ground by the priest who had been warned of the events, says

Le Courrier Picard


A complaint filed, an investigation opened

A reparation mass is scheduled for Saturday at 6 p.m.

Monsignor Gérard Le Stang, Bishop of Amiens, deplored “this theft and […] this desecration which hurt Christians in their faith”.

He expressed his “deep sadness”.

The Catholic Church of the Somme has for its part lodged a complaint.

An investigation has been initiated.

It has not yet been determined if one or more people were involved.

The theft and damage were committed while no faithful were in the church.

The rector of the burnt Russian church denies the thesis of the lit candles


Crucifixes, paintings or statuettes… How do investigators find objects stolen from churches?

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