Russia's military invasion of Ukraine continues.

Russian and Ukrainian troops continue to fight in various parts of Ukraine, and many civilians are evacuating abroad.

We will keep you updated on the movements on the 21st (Japan time) regarding the situation in Ukraine, such as the situation of the battle and the diplomacy of the countries concerned.

(There is a time difference of 6 hours between Japan and Ukraine and Moscow in Russia)

President Putin “Cyber ​​Attacks on Russia Intensify”

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a National Security Council on the 20th, attended by relevant ministers.

In this, President Putin said, "Cyber ​​attacks on Russia are increasing year by year, but after starting military operations on Ukraine, it has become more serious and larger in scale. The war on Russia has begun in the information space. After the military invasion, cyber attacks on Russia have become more serious.

He also criticized the Western sanctions, saying that "sanctions against Russia have regulated foreign information technology and software and unilaterally suspended technical support for Russian equipment."

In addition, President Putin said, "It can be said that cyber attacks and sanctions attacks on us have failed because we were prepared for this attack," and told the relevant ministers about Russia's information security measures. Instructed to further strengthen.

Ukraine at least 3838 civilian deaths 256 children UN

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has announced that at least 3838 civilians have died in Ukraine between February 24 and this month 19 as Russia's military invasion has begun.

Of these, 256 are children.

By region, 2119 deaths have been confirmed in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts in the east, and 1719 deaths have been confirmed in other regions such as Kiwi and Kharkiv Oblast in the east.

In addition, the number of injured citizens is estimated to be 4,351.

However, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has indicated that the actual number of casualties will greatly exceed this, saying that casualties in eastern Mariupol and other areas have not yet been confirmed.