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To effectively protect your home, call on Verisure

Do you live in an apartment or a detached house?

Installing a security system can save you a lot of trouble while you're away.

With Verisure, you will equip yourself with an alarm system associated with a remote monitoring service.

With a processing time of only 30 seconds when an alert is triggered, the security of your assets is quickly taken care of.

In an apartment, having neighbors on the landing, an entrance protected by a digicode or even a caretaker gives an additional feeling of security.

However, apartment burglaries prove that this is not enough.

It is essential to equip yourself with an effective system to repel attackers and protect your belongings from theft.

A detached house can be equipped with exterior cameras to detect intrusions into the yard in your absence.

Triggering an alert before any break-in attempt, they can trigger the alarm siren to put burglars to flight.

Combined with a complete system to detect movements and openings of doors or windows, your home is secure from the outside.

In addition to a local system playing a dissuasive role, you can also opt for an alarm connected via a SIM card giving access to the GSM network to inform you of intrusion attempts on your smartphone directly.

The ultimate solution to ensure maximum protection with an alarm system is remote monitoring.

In this case, the complete alarm system is linked to a monitoring station supervised by an operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Take advantage of Verisure services

A complete, practical and efficient installation for your safety

The installation of an alarm by a professional assures you of the quality of the installation for optimal operation.

It knows how to detect blind spots and constraints in your home to optimize the installation of sensors and motion detectors.

The new alarm systems offered by Verisure are wireless for an easier and more discreet installation that does not require drilling into walls.

Equipped with an antijamming system, they do not fear the best equipped thieves.

To perfect their operation, Verisure alarms can be paired with surveillance cameras inside and outside your home.

Coupled with a powerful siren and the remote monitoring system, they quickly give the alert to scare off burglars.

The most daring thieves will be neutralized by the Anti-Burglary Fog.

This system diffuses a thick fog in the housing to prevent individuals from progressing in the rooms.

Chosen by many households, it is a very effective system for protecting their apartment or house in the event of an intrusion.

Take advantage of Verisure services

Opting for Verisure means giving yourself the means to fight effectively against home burglary.

Using various sensors, associated with a siren and an intercom, teleoperators are alerted in less than 30 seconds of any break-in attempt.

On standby 24 hours a day, they can alert the police quickly (after removing doubt), unlike an alarm system notifying you of intrusions on your smartphone only when you are available.

Even during a plane flight or a weekend in the countryside outside mobile network coverage, your Verisure system remains effective in combating theft.

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