China News Service, May 19. According to Taiwan's "United Daily News", the number of confirmed cases of the new crown in Taiwan reached 85,310 on the 18th, setting a new record, with an additional 183 moderately severe cases and 41 deaths.

Chen Shizhong, commander of the regional epidemiological command center, said that local cases have increased by nearly 30% compared with the day before yesterday, but the 85,000 cases have not yet reached the top and will continue to develop for a while.

  According to the statistics of the command center, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic on the island, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has reached nearly one million, reaching 981,141 cases, of which 12,345 are imported cases and 968,742 are local cases.

  Luo Yijun, deputy head of the medical response team of the command center, said that the number of infected people has increased sharply, mainly due to the increase in the total number of tests. Many large-scale collection and inspection stations have been opened in northern Taiwan. The number of tests reached a new high the day before yesterday, with a total of 110,000 cases, and continued to increase. The positive rate was 66.7%.

  There were more than 85,000 new local cases on the 18th, with the largest number of cases in New Taipei City, with 27,230 cases, followed by Taipei City with 12,069 cases, Taoyuan City with 9,658 cases, Kaohsiung City with 6,805 cases, Taichung City with 6,770 cases and Tainan City with 4,130 cases. .

Luo Yijun said that the epidemic situation in central and southern China is on the rise, and the overall epidemic situation is still on the rise, and it will reach its peak in the next week.

  Is the epidemic heading south?

A slow decline in the north and a slow rise in the central and southern regions, followed by a "golden cross"?

Chen Shizhong said that Taiwan is a one-day life circle, and there may be cases of infection throughout Taiwan, and it cannot be said that the epidemic is heading south. This is an inevitable trend.

  On the 18th, there were 183 new cases of moderate and severe cases, including 153 cases of moderate disease, 30 cases of severe disease, and 41 more deaths.

There have been a total of 409 severe cases in this wave of local epidemics so far, of which 323 died. The rough estimate of the severe mortality rate is about 79%. and other factors.

  Scholars' research also found that from the end of April to mid-May this year, the mortality rate of the elderly over 70 years old on the island was more than double the average of the same period in the previous five years, highlighting that insufficient medical treatment may lead to "excess deaths".