In early April, Kinder manufacturer Ferrero alerted about a salmonella outbreak linked to their products manufactured in a factory in Belgium since 125 people in various countries, including Sweden, were suspected of being infected with the bacterium.

The factory was forced to close on April 8 and at the end of the month, several Kinderägg products were recalled, according to the Swedish National Food Administration.

The outbreak has grown

Since then, the outbreak has grown.

According to the ECDC, 266 people have now been found infected and in addition, a further 58 cases have a probable connection to the outbreak.

The majority of the affected countries are in Europe, but cases have also been found in Canada and the United States.

The majority are under ten years

86.3 percent of all victims are under ten years, just over 40 percent of them have been forced into hospital care.

No deaths have been reported.

In eight of the cases, ECDC has not been able to find any connection to Ferrero's Belgian plant, which increases the likelihood that there may be another source of infection.