China News Service, Beijing, May 19 (Reporter Guo Chaokai Li Jingze) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference on May 19.

  A reporter asked: According to reports, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission of Japan announced on the 18th a "draft review letter" related to the application for the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant's nuclear polluted water discharge plan, and it will be publicized for a month and public comments will be collected. Decide whether to formally approve the sea discharge plan.

The outside world believes that this means that Japan's nuclear regulator "gives the green light" to plans to discharge nuclear polluted water.

What is China's comment?

  Zhao Lijian: We are concerned about relevant reports.

Recently, the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company have made frequent moves to push forward the Fukushima nuclear-polluted water discharge plan, speed up the approval process for the sea discharge plan, and start the construction of nuclear-contaminated water pipeline outfalls. Reasonably concerned, the Japanese side refuses to respond. To this day, there are still no questions about the legitimacy of the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water discharge plan, the reliability of nuclear-contaminated water data, the effectiveness of purification devices, and the uncertainty of environmental impact. Make a full and credible statement.

Such selfish practices by the Japanese side are unacceptable.

  The Japanese side should face up to the legitimate demands of the international community and the general public in Japan, fully consult with stakeholders, including neighboring countries, and relevant international institutions, to find a proper solution to nuclear-contaminated water, instead of sticking to and forcing the exclusion of water. sea ​​plan.