A 2 million won mass-produced product launched in collaboration between luxury brand Gucci and sports brand Adidas faced criticism from consumers ahead of its launch in China.

This is because, despite the high price, there is no function to block the rain.

According to the BBC broadcast today (19th) local time, on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, the hashtag 'Collaboration umbrella sold for 11,100 yuan (about 2.09 million won) is not waterproof' has been the only hashtag so far. It has over 440 million views.

The hashtag is aimed at mass-produced products that Gucci and Adidas will launch in China next month, which Gucci says in the product description on their website, 'It's not waterproof.

It is used for sun protection or decorative purposes.”

Weibo users showed apathetic reactions such as "Very big but useless stuff" and "As long as I'm poor, they won't be able to trick me into buying it."

Conversely, there are articles advocating new products, saying, "Those who want to show their value are willing to spend money on luxury goods" and "They don't care about practicality."

Gucci and Adidas declined to comment on the BBC's request for comment on the controversy.

However, a Gucci spokesperson told Beijing-based Beijing-based magazine Kaijing, "We do not recommend using the product as an umbrella in everyday life. It is suitable for use as an accessory."

China is a market where luxury brands compete, and according to consulting firm Bain & Company, the luxury market in China grew 36% last year compared to the previous year, and is expected to become the world's largest market within the next three years.

(Photo = Gucci China website capture, Yonhap News)