The former companion of the thirties, found dead Monday, by the police, in Béziers (Hérault), at his home, was indicted for murder and remanded in custody, at the end of his police custody, Wednesday , says the floor.

The man, who had recently been released from prison, faces life imprisonment.

The autopsy revealed a strangulation, and ten wounds caused by a knife, "without any lesion of defense", details the parquet floor of Béziers.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the suspect had "returned to live with the victim as soon as he was released from detention on March 21, despite his judicial ban, with the victim's agreement".

This situation, continues the prosecution, had been hidden from the courts.

She wanted to leave him, he told investigators

To investigators, the suspect spoke of an argument, when she had just dropped off their 12-year-old son at school and was about to leave for work.

According to him, the victim had told him that she wanted to leave him and he had then strangled her during the argument until she lost consciousness, then he had stabbed her several times with a knife.

Before fleeing, without a precise destination, before it breaks down, in the Aude.

He had called the gendarmes, citing his wish to surrender.

The suspect has a long criminal record.

In particular two convictions in 2008 for rape, and in 2020 for traffic offenses and threats to his ex-girlfriend.

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