10 criteria for using "electric scooters" in Ajman

The Ajman Police General Command has warned cyclists of electric scooters to use dual speakers while using electric scooters, as well as driving in a way that poses a danger to the public or users or endangers the lives of others.

 Ajman Police stressed, through the second unified traffic campaign under the slogan "Traffic Safety for Electric Scooters", the importance of wearing a helmet while using the electric scooter, and leaving an adequate safety space between it and other bikes and pedestrians.

Ajman Police drew attention to the necessity of stopping the scooter in the parking lots designated for it, if any, demanding not to use or leave the scooter in a way that impedes the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.

The Ajman Police General Command stressed the need not to carry heavy objects that may lead to an imbalance of the electric scooter.

 It also called not to drive in public places and to adhere to the lanes designated for electric scooters, if any.

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