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this newsletter will be sent out at 9 p.m. and we have no illusions about the number of people reading it that day, when Eintracht's match of the century begins at the same time in Seville.

So very briefly today, even so briefly that you can always read a section when a player is substituted on or when all Eintracht players are running across the pitch cheering after a goal:

Manfred Koehler

Head of department of the Rhein-Main editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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The Wiesbaden Salzbach Viaduct,

over which the Autobahn 66 led to the Rheingau in good times and which does not currently exist, should now definitely be rebuilt by the end of next year.

In between it seemed that this annoying bottleneck in the road network would be eliminated earlier, but at least there is now clarity.

In retrospect

, one almost mourns the times when crooks spied on secret numbers at the ATMs.

Since this was thwarted with all sorts of methods, the machines have been blown up, which is extremely dangerous for the residents of the houses as well as for passers-by.

Now the police and banks in Hesse have joined forces to thwart this as well.

Also in the program: test blasts to find out whether new safety measures help.

The local advisory councils in Frankfurt

are turning 50, and that's why there was a panel discussion on Wednesday, which once again drew a little more attention to the district councils.

But they are sometimes unfairly underestimated, as Bernhard Biener argues: he titled his comment "Pretty close", meaning that local councils build the bridge between politics and the citizens.


the Nippon Festival with Japanese film art starts on May 24th in Frankfurt +++ the Ukraine war has significantly worsened the mood in the Hessian economy +++ the colleagues from the Frankfurter Rundschau are moving, from the Gallus district of Frankfurt Sachsenhausen.

I wish you an exciting game

Yours, Manfred Koehler

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for Thursday

The sun often shines until the afternoon, then some cumulus clouds appear from the west, thunderstorms are possible locally.

Up to 31 degrees.




Hans-Jürgen Drescher

, dramaturg, President of the German Academy of Performing Arts, Bensheim (68);

Thomas Berlemann

, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German Sports Aid Foundation, Frankfurt (59);

Carsten Tag

, Chairman of the Board of Diakonie Hessen, Frankfurt (58);

Matthias Schönberger

, Managing Director of the MoschMosch restaurant chain, Frankfurt (50);

André Kavai

, Managing Director of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, Hofheim (45);

Sandra Heberer

, managing director of the Wiener Feinbäckerei Heberer, Mühlheim (34).