Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Solène Leroux 06:19, May 18, 2022

Elisabeth Borne spent her first day at Matignon.

She met the deputies of the majority on Tuesday before having lunch with Emmanuel Macron.

The new Prime Minister goes on to meet to form her future government.

Europe 1 details its agenda.

After her first day spent at 57 rue de Varennes, Elisabeth Borne continues this Wednesday to chain meetings and interviews, physically or by telephone, with potential future ministers.

A work supervised very closely by Emmanuel Macron.

The new government should thus be known between today and Friday.

Several sources mention a tight team, made up of about fifteen ministers.

The deputy ministers and other secretaries of state should be appointed after the legislative elections on 12th and 19th June next.

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First trip expected as majority leader

In the meantime, Elisabeth Borne has found her chief of staff, Aurélien Rousseau, enarque and former deputy director of Manuel Valls and Bernard Cazeneuve at Matignon.

He was since 2018 the director of the Regional Health Agency of Île-de-France.

Once her government has been named, Elisabeth Borne could make a trip to Calvados, the department where she is running for the legislative elections, at the end of the week.

She would thus launch the campaign of "Together", the movement of Emmanuel Macron, as a candidate, but also as the new leader of the majority.


 Élisabeth Borne Prime Minister: major challenges and busy schedule await her at Matignon

An anti-inflation plan from June

Then will come his first major project at Matignon: an anti-inflation plan which could be presented in early June to the Council of Ministers.

This could include the freezing of gas and electricity prices, the thawing of the index point for civil servants, or even the indexing of pensions to inflation.