China News Service, May 18 (Xinhua) According to a comprehensive Indian media report, the Indian government announced on the 17th that it would relax the temporary ban on wheat exports. Wheat goods that have been inspected by the customs and filed in the customs system on or before May 13 will be allowed to export.

An Indian woman harvests wheat on April 28, 2022.

  In addition, the Indian government said in a statement that at the request of the Egyptian government, a shipment of wheat was allowed to be shipped to Egypt.

The wheat shipment was already being loaded at the port when the ban was enacted.

  The report pointed out that thousands of trucks loaded with wheat lined up outside some ports on the day India imposed a temporary ban on wheat exports.

  India imposed a temporary ban on wheat exports on the 13th.

The General Administration of Foreign Trade of India stated that the decision to temporarily ban wheat exports is mainly based on two considerations. First, India’s domestic inflation is high, and food prices have risen significantly; second, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to a sharp rise in international food prices, threatening the food of India and neighboring countries. Safety.