The Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned the decision of the Israeli Minister of Internal Security to allow the holding of the flag march in Jerusalem, and considered it a provocative and aggressive matter and an integral part of the open occupation war against Jerusalem, its citizens and its sanctities.

This came after the decision of Israeli Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev to conduct a "flags march" organized by settlers in occupied Jerusalem on the day it fell - according to the Hebrew calendar - in its usual course, and that the participants in it would be allowed on the 29th of this month to reach Bab al-Amud, passing through the Islamic Quarter In the old city, and then to the Western Wall.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry - in a statement issued this evening, Wednesday - considered that this step represents an extension of the continuous Israeli escalation campaigns that threaten to drag the arena of conflict towards more explosions that are difficult to control.

It also falls within the framework of the processes of Judaizing Jerusalem and perpetuating its annexation and attempting to abolish any aspect of the Palestinian presence in it, which is a blatant challenge to the positions of countries and their condemnation of the occupation policy in Jerusalem, according to what was stated in the statement.


The Palestinian Ministry held the Israeli government directly responsible for this escalating decision, and warned of its dangers to the entire situation, calling on the international community and the US administration to quickly intervene to stop the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in general, and Jerusalem and its citizens and sanctities in particular, and calls on it to stop the policy of double standards.

And the Israeli "Kan" channel said today, Wednesday, that Bar Lev decided - at the conclusion of an assessment of the situation he conducted with the participation of Police Chief Yaakov Shabtai - to allow the flags march to be organized on May 29 to pass through Bab al-Amud.

Bar-Lev decided to accept the police's recommendation to hold a flag march that runs from West Jerusalem through Bab al-Amud and from there to Hagi Street (Al-Wad Road) inside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem to the Al-Buraq Wall.

Carrying Israeli flags is considered provocative (Getty Images)


The aim of the march - which is attended annually by several thousand young people and right-wing activists - is to celebrate the occupation's takeover of Jerusalem in 1967, but it is seen as hurting the feelings of Palestinians in the city and often causing tensions to rise.

The Minister of Regional Cooperation (the only Arab minister in the Israeli government), Issawi Freij, said that the decision to agree to the provocative march through the Islamic Quarter and Bab al-Amud was a grave and alarming mistake, according to Kan channel.

He added that the goal of the march in the heart of East Jerusalem is the desire to burn it, pledging to work to prevent the implementation of the resolution in order to avoid its dangerous repercussions.