Regarding the application for accession to NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization by Finland and Sweden in Northern Europe, President Biden of the United States stated in a statement that he would work on early accession as "a historic application".

"It's a historic application"

Finland and Sweden in Scandinavia have both been military-neutral, but on the 18th following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, they applied for NATO membership.

In response to this, President Biden of the United States issued a statement on the 18th, saying that it is a "historic application", and will work on early accession as NATO's defense cooperation will be further strengthened by the accession of the two countries. I showed my thoughts.

Furthermore, as the United States will continue to maintain military training and stationing around the Baltic Sea, while the procedure for accession is proceeding with Russia in mind, "Be vigilant against any threat to security, invasion and its threat. We will deter and counter it. "

Secretary of Defense Austin also met with Sweden's Defense Minister Furtokvist and expressed his support for the application for accession, while Defense Minister Furtokvist said, "Russia is trying to change the order of security in Europe and the world, and to Ukraine. The attack poses a long-term threat to Europe, "he said, showing a strong sense of caution against Russia.