Alongside NATO, increased pensions have emerged as one of the spring's major political issues.

If a broad agreement cannot be reached, two proposals for increased pensions - one from the left and one from the right - will soon be voted on in the Riksdag.

At the same time, a recent report from the Fiscal Policy Council showed that pensioners have never been so well off.

One who is fed up with the eternal nagging that it's a shame about the pensioners is Amelia Adamo, editor-in-chief of M Magasin.

"The majority is feeling pretty good"

The 74-year-old describes himself as part of the record generation, the children who were born after the Second World War and who have had a "record good".

- I can be disturbed by the fact that there is so much emphasis on poor pensioners.

It's somehow ... I should not say that it drags down the group because it is good that the poor pensioners are raised and get a little more money in their wallets.

But the majority I think feel pretty good, have a decent pension and absolutely do not want to identify themselves as a poor pensioner, she says and continues:

- They have accumulated for many years and many of them own their homes and have a fairly strong consumption power.

The ones I know anyway

The warning to the younger generation

At the same time, are there retirees who are having a hard time, and not like what you describe?

- Yes of course.

My mother and my aunt worked as cleaning ladies and even though they worked a whole life, they received about 11-12,000 kronor in pension.

And there are very many who are at that level.

I do not know exactly how many hundreds of thousands live as poor pensioners, but I just want to say that there is a large group who are well off because they have been able to accumulate their money for so many years.

- And I also know that the generation that can be called generation Z is probably the first in a hundred years who will not earn more than their parents.

Are retirees spoiled?

- It's a bit about how we are presented.

We have received it, and have had it, very well.

And I think it should continue.

But if we constantly read about ourselves as a group that it is a pity and that must be helped, I do not know if it will be so spoiled.

According to the Swedish Pensions Agency, there are just over 300,000 poor pensioners in Sweden, according to the Swedish Pensions Agency.

The limit value in 2019 was an income standard of SEK 157,080 per year, which corresponds to SEK 13,090 per month.