The young British man of Moroccan origin, Hamza Touzal, succeeded in achieving a historic achievement by assuming the position of mayor in one of the most prestigious and richest areas of the capital, London.

The 21-year-old British young man was able to win the position of mayor of "Westminster" municipality in the heart of the capital, London, after the local elections that took place in the United Kingdom last April, and this municipality is considered the richest in the country given the presence of all the country's important institutions from Parliament and headquarters The Presidency of the Government and the Queen's Palace.

The British young man of Moroccan origins, Enggar, received wide media and political attention, as he succeeded in achieving what no young man of his age was able to achieve in the history of the country, as no young man was registered for the position of mayor at the age of 21.

During his meeting with Al Jazeera Net, Hamza still maintains his ability to speak in the Moroccan dialect, even though he was born in Britain and lived there all his life.

Politician since childhood

Despite his young age, Hamza began to engage in political work from an early age, and he tells Al Jazeera Net that he became involved in political work at the age of 16, when he joined the municipal council for youth, which is a parallel body in British municipalities that is run by young people.

In 2016, he was chosen to represent young people under the age of 18 in Westminster City Council, which gave him an opportunity to learn about politics closely.

Two years later, Hamza joined the Labor Party, and was elected to Westminster's Queens Park Council, making him the youngest member of the council.

dream come true

The good results achieved by the opposition Labor Party during the recent municipal elections, especially in the capital, London, enabled the city councils in the heart of London to be wrested from the hands of the Conservative Party, especially the Westminster municipality, which has been in the hands of the Conservatives for more than 20 years.

Immediately after these results, the party leadership in the region decided to nominate Hamza for the position of Lord Mayor, making him the youngest person to hold this position in the history of the country.

Hamza describes his feeling upon being told of his candidacy for this position as "a fantastic and indescribable feeling, to the point that I remained for a moment shocked and disbelief."

He added that the impact of the news was strong even for his family, "When I called my mother to tell her about the matter, she did not believe me either, and it required a lot of explanation until she was convinced of the issue."

With much enthusiasm and happiness, Hamza talks about his new life as mayor of one of the city's most important municipalities, saying that his life has changed, "I feel that I am entering a new phase of my life that I never expected, and I am still trying to gradually understand the matter, but I also feel responsible."

Toozal believes that his new position requires a lot of impartiality (communication sites)

youth voice

Although the position of mayor requires a lot of impartiality, and has been reserved for the elderly and retired people, taking the position from either side entails many of the changes that Toozal plans to make.

Toozal is aware of the responsibility entrusted to him, "because I am the first Muslim and the youngest person to hold this position, and I have to represent the society to which I belong."

Hamza intends, according to Al Jazeera Net, to reveal to everyone the other side of the Westminster area, where "usually people know about this area that it is the area of ​​the rich and the luxurious buildings, but there is a part of it that is hidden, and it is the neighborhoods inhabited by ordinary people, and these need to hear their voice and I will be I am their voice.

One of the priorities that the young mayor will work on is motivating young people to engage in political work, "because I consider myself a successful model in political work."

The young mayor realizes that the eyes will be focused on him, given that he is the first Muslim mayor to hold this position, and for this his work will focus on “showing the cultural diversity that the region in which I live knows, and because it is my job to receive foreign ambassadors, I will take them to learn about the cultural diversity that London knows and to show everyone that This community is strong thanks to its diversity."