China News Service, May 17. According to the website of the State Post Bureau, on May 16, the State Post Bureau held a video deployment meeting to further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control of the postal express industry in Beijing. The control work should be redeployed and re-emphasized, and re-supervision and re-arrangement should be made to effectively handle the clustered epidemic situation at Yunda Company's production and operation sites in Changyang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing.

Data map: On the morning of May 13, a courier was preparing to deliver a batch of express mail to a receiving customer in a residential community in Wangjing Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  The meeting emphasized that the entire system and the entire industry should effectively strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in the industry, and earnestly achieve the "five in place" to build a strong epidemic prevention barrier for the postal express industry.

  The first is to know in place.

Epidemic prevention and control is related to all aspects of my country's political, economic and social development.

Epidemic prevention and control in the capital is the top priority. The industry must adhere to the safety bottom line of epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely prevent the spread of epidemic risks through delivery channels.

It is necessary to avoid paralyzing thoughts, war weariness, fluke mentality, and slack mentality.

In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, enterprises must raise awareness, take the initiative, and act consciously.

It is necessary to fully recognize that epidemic prevention and control is a responsibility that must be performed; fully recognize that the epidemic situation is complex and severe, and the industry’s prevention and control tasks are arduous; fully recognize that industry epidemic prevention and control has shortcomings in measures, responsibilities, and organizations.

It is necessary to transform the awareness into conscious and active actions, and implement it in all aspects of the whole industry.

  Second, the organization must be in place.

The headquarters of all shipping companies should make special arrangements for the prevention and control of the epidemic in the Beijing area, clarify the person in charge of production and operation and epidemic prevention and safety in the Beijing area, increase resource investment, upgrade management measures, completely reverse the virtual responsibility of the main body, and soften the preventive measures. Resolutely guard against death to ensure the safety of the capital.

Beijing's processing sites and terminal outlets must schedule and determine plans one by one, clarify responsibilities, and refine measures.

Training and education for practitioners should be in place to ensure that no loopholes occur.

  The third is to take measures in place.

It is necessary to implement the "four early" responsibilities, and strictly implement local prevention and control requirements for employees such as nucleic acid testing.

It is necessary to carefully follow the requirements of the "Suggestions on the Production Operation Specifications of the Postal Express Industry During the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period (Seventh Edition)", organize and investigate the shortcomings of the system, and quickly rectify and fill the loopholes.

It is necessary to comprehensively strengthen personnel management, and resolutely implement normalized prevention and control measures such as wearing masks and washing hands frequently.

Professional disinfecting should be carried out to avoid incomplete and non-standard disinfecting work.

Personnel who have not implemented the requirements for epidemic prevention such as nucleic acid testing cannot be employed.

To do a good job in emergency management, the corporate headquarters must have a special person in charge, operate 24 hours a day, and implement risk screening and prevention measures related to epidemic-related express shipments.

  Fourth, responsibility must be in place.

Epidemic prevention and control should implement the responsibilities of the four parties, the postal administration should effectively assume the supervision responsibility, the delivery enterprise should effectively assume the main responsibility, and urge the implementation of personal responsibility.

The postal management department should seriously investigate the enterprises with the epidemic situation, and investigate and deal with the units and responsible persons who violate the epidemic prevention and control regulations in conjunction with the epidemic prevention and control department in accordance with the law.

  Fifth, the implementation must be in place.

All enterprises should conduct comprehensive scheduling and inspection of the entire network, especially Beijing, and comprehensively use incentives, rectification, shutdown and other means to build a solid line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

The Beijing Postal Administration should strengthen strict inspections of express delivery companies, and the company headquarters, all processing sites, and all outlets should actively mobilize and deploy, and conduct comprehensive self-inspection and rectification.

  The meeting emphasized that on the basis of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, it is necessary to conscientiously implement the spirit of the notice of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on effectively ensuring the smooth flow of freight and logistics, reasonably adjust the production operations of relevant delivery services, and adopt supportive policy measures. , to ensure the basic life of employees during the shutdown period, maintain the stability of the delivery channel network, and contribute to epidemic prevention and control and economic development.

  At the meeting, the Market Supervision Department of the State Post Bureau reported on the administrative interviews with Yunda headquarters; the Beijing Postal Administration notified the situation of the epidemic situation in the production and operation sites of Yunda Company in Changyang Town, Fangshan District, and further strengthened the epidemic prevention and control work of the postal express industry in Beijing. made a request.

  The heads of relevant departments and offices of the State Post Bureau and directly affiliated units attended the meeting in the main venue, and the relevant leaders of the Beijing Postal Administration and various delivery companies attended the meeting at the branch venues.