Gamal Mubarak: My father refused to leave Egypt and accept any kind of immunity (video)

Gamal Mubarak, the son of the late Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, said that when his father decided to abdicate in February 2011, he announced his readiness to face and respond to any criminal charges against him and his family, and refused to accept any kind of immunity, as he categorically rejected any suggestion to leave. Egypt.

Gamal Mubarak added, during the statement he issued today, that his father emphasized in a recorded message broadcast in April 2011 that Egyptians need to know that their former president keeps his money in only one bank in Egypt, and also welcomed any investigation into his and his family's properties and since Time and until his death, President Mubarak and his family endured countless investigations and judicial proceedings in Egypt and abroad.

With this approach, President Mubarak affirmed a basic principle enshrined in the rule of law, which he deeply respected: that no one is above the law, including the president. More than 10 years ago, a fierce campaign of false allegations of corruption was launched against President Mubarak and his family. Forces opposing the president exploited these allegations to inflame popular sentiments, and this greatly contributed to influencing the course of the political events that followed in Egypt, in January and February of 2011.

And the son of the former President Mubarak added: “This campaign continued unabated for nearly 10 years, while we were engaged in our legal battles. Our position and commitment was to prove our innocence before the Egyptian judiciary only, but the Egyptian authorities forced us to take a different approach, after they decided to legally pursue us abroad, and this vigorous prosecution was based on false and unreasonable allegations, they claimed that the funds were looted and smuggled abroad by My family, and the details of all domestic criminal proceedings against us have been submitted as evidence to the relevant international authorities, with the aim of recovering money allegedly illegally seized by my family.”

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