â–² Russian military expert who appeared on the Rossiya 1 talk show

Other voices are emerging within Russia, including unusually cold-hearted comments about the war in Ukraine.

According to Reuters and The Times of England on the 17th local time, former Colonel Mikhail Hodaryonok, a famous Russian military expert, appeared on state TV the night before and said that Russia was completely isolated and the situation in Ukraine would be even worse.

Former Colonel Hodaronok pointed out in the talk show '60 Minutes' of the pro-government media Rossiya 1, "To be honest, the situation will not get better for us."

He pointed out that one million well-armed Ukrainian soldiers are eager to defend their 'homeland' and will fight to the last.

When the host said that they were conscripts, former Colonel Hodaryonok explained, "What really matters is not the method of mobilization, but the will to fight."

He said, "You have to have a sense of reality militarily and politically," he said.

Former Colonel Hodaryonok, a graduate of the elite Russian military academy, warned even before the invasion of Ukraine that it was not in the national interest.

He said, "After fighting fiercely for over two weeks, only tactical success was achieved, and not a single large area was liberated," he said.

The Guardian reported that Russia is hiding the damage of the Ukraine war, but the information leaked in the end, angering military families and disappointing those who supported the war.

The mother of a conscript, who served on the Russian cruiser Moscow, which was sunk in a Ukrainian attack a month ago, is still looking for her son.

"I see the government in a completely different way since the war started," he said.

"They ask me to sign a document acknowledging my son's death and get paid," he said.

Women also complained that their husbands were left behind when the military retreated across the border near Kharkiv.

Russian military bloggers who supported the war are pouring out disappointment and criticism over the recent annihilation of a battalion in a Ukrainian attack during Operation Doha.

(Photo=Rosiya 1 broadcast screen YouTube capture, Yonhap News)