Charles Guyard 07:55, May 16, 2022

While the city of Grenoble decides on Monday to authorize the wearing of the burkini in swimming pools, in Rennes, the full swimsuit has been authorized since June 2018. Europe 1 went to the Breton city to take the pulse of swimmers and associations citizens.

Reactions are mixed.

Will the wearing of the burkini be authorized in the swimming pools of the city of Grenoble?

City Council is due to vote on Monday.

What revive the controversy.

In France, only one city authorizes the wearing of this covering jersey, it is Rennes.

Since June 2018, it is authorized to swim in a burkini in the four swimming pools. 

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What do the inhabitants of the Breton town think of it?

"It absolutely does not bother to see people in burkinis in municipal swimming pools", confides a woman at the microphone of Europe 1. Another swimmer believes that "everyone does what they want".

"It doesn't bother anyone. Me, personally, it doesn't shock me."

For Léna, the authorization to wear the burkini is a good thing for women.

"On the contrary, it is better for her to come to the swimming pool rather than depriving herself of a swimming pool." 

The fear of tension

As for the associations, we want to be more cautious, fearing the emergence of tensions.

The president of the Association Solidaire Réflexions Actions Citoyennes de Rennes: "What I'm afraid of is that the women who wear the burkini and who see an Arab girl in two-pieces will tell her that she's less than -Nothing. It is not said in Islam that you have to wear the burkini."


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He concludes: "I think it's wrong with secularism and it's not a good idea."