As a member of the commission who visited the detention center said, the three teenagers arrested in this case are kept in the TDF of the South-Western Administrative District in solitary confinement and say that they "did not intend to burn the homeless."

“They were going to burn their tent or outhouse, and drive them away, well, maybe beat them,” the human rights activist quoted one of the arrested as saying.

As another teenager stated, they "had a dislike for alcoholics and drug addicts."

“I didn’t intend to burn and kill, they wanted to beat me,” says another.

The third, according to the representative of the POC, said: “We wanted to drive away those who litter the forest, there were 3-4 homeless people living in a tent, littering, we thought we would drive them away so that they would not litter the forest.”

One of those arrested is 17 years old, he studied to be a cook, another 16-year-old college student received the profession of an electrician, the third is a ninth-grader.

According to the POC, the situation in the temporary detention center is "Spartan" - there is neither a TV nor a refrigerator in the cells, they are not provided there. 

The teenagers learned about the right to wash in the shower and take daily walks from members of the PMC.

At the same time, they did not express any complaints about the conditions of detention.

They are satisfied with the lawyers provided by the state.

Earlier, the media reported that on May 8, the Cheryomushkinsky Court of Moscow granted the investigation's petition for the arrest for a period of two months of three teenagers who were preparing to kill the homeless at the Kosino station of the Moscow Railway.

According to media reports, they are only charged with attempted murder (a crime provided for by Part 1 of Article 30, paragraphs "a", "g", "l" of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to investigators, in early May, minors bought fuel and lubricants in Moscow and made flammable mixtures themselves, with which they wanted to kill the homeless.

On May 7, they were detained by law enforcement officers.