For a full seven years, Susann Karlsson, security hostess at the Ringelsta nursing home, has worked to ensure that the municipality of Arvidsjaur obtains a side-by-side bicycle in elderly care. 

- Finally, I have been celebrating for several days.

There is nothing more fun than making an older person happy.

The park bike provides training and togetherness in pleasant ways, says Susann Karlsson.

To be equipped with speakers

The bike has two seats and the elderly can use pedals and pedal together with the care staff.

It is equipped with an electric motor and runs a maximum of 25 km / h.

- For the summer, I plan to offer a little "thump, thump music" during the bike rides, says security hostess Karlsson.

It is the Heart and Lung Association in Arvidsjaur together with the municipality's social administration that has paid for the long-awaited bike.

In the video, Bo, 92 and Vivann, 85, test the parcycle through Arvidsjaur's community.