Rescuers from the National Society for Sea Rescue (SNSM) in Roscoff (Finistère) carried out an extremely rare operation this Saturday afternoon.

They intervened to save a deer from the water near Saint-Pol-de-Léon (Finistère).

The animal had been surprised by the rising tide and was completely disoriented, says

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He came out of it safe and sound.

Exhausted and refrigerated

Warned by a boater, the rescuers approached the animal using their semi-rigid canoe.

The deer was then swimming away from the shore to try to reach a rock.

Rescuers steered him to shore.

Once on dry land, the deer was so tired and chilled that he couldn't move.

On the advice of a veterinarian, rescuers carefully loaded the deer into a car and released it in a sunny area.

They watched the place to avoid any dog ​​attack and saw the animal get back on its four legs after three hours.

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