"Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation has filed an investigation into CNKI's suspected monopolistic behavior according to the previous inspection." At about 16:00 on May 13, the short message published on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation attracted widespread attention.

Subsequently, CNKI responded that it would take this investigation as an opportunity to conduct in-depth self-examination, comprehensive self-examination, thorough rectification, operate in compliance with laws and regulations, innovate the development model, and assume the social responsibility of China's knowledge infrastructure.

  The investigation is underway. Whether CNKI has monopolistic behavior, whether it is suspected of industrial monopoly, whether it is abusing its dominant market position, etc., it is yet to be concluded by seeking truth from facts and in accordance with the law.

But the event itself has sent multiple distinct signals.

  Conduct thorough investigations in accordance with regulations and laws, respond to social concerns, and demonstrate the authority of the rule of law.

From "college students collectively complained about the excessively charged duplication fee", to "retired professor sued for collecting more than 100 papers without authorization, and was finally sentenced to pay more than 700,000 yuan", to "Chinese Academy of Sciences was unable to bear nearly 10 million renewal fees. Shut down HowNet.” HowNet has been caught up in public opinion turmoil in recent years.

CNKI has been criticized for charging low prices for papers from authors and charging unreasonable fees to individuals and research institutions.

Some netizens even ridiculed "Kuzhiwang has been around for a long time".

This time, market supervision bureau of investigation HowNet filing law is very necessary and timely, thoroughly investigate its alleged monopolistic behavior problems, and actively respond to social concerns, safeguard fair competition in the academic literature database services market, in order to protect the author and the reader as the main Consumer interest and social public interest.

  The more the leading platform, the more it must regulate its operations according to the law and actively fulfill its social responsibilities.

HowNet continues to expand in the Chinese academic literature information service and knowledge service market, and has become the most influential digital service platform for academic literature in my country.

However, the store owner should not deceive customers, use his position to carry out "overbearing" operations, test on the edge of the law, or even go beyond the bottom line, and ultimately only lose trust and lose the market.

CNKI was investigated, which once again sounded a wake-up call for all platforms. Only by building a more reasonable operating model and actively taking social responsibilities can we go further and more steadily.

This time, CNKI responded in a timely manner to "comprehensive self-examination and thorough rectification", and its attitude is worthy of recognition.

If the changes are in place and thorough, the party will live up to its own platform status and the trust of readers and authors.

  Both specification and development, strengthen the supervision of the normalization of the economic platform in accordance with law.

In recent years, the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to regulate economic governance platform, the anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies to investigate and punish a number of important cases, efforts to solve some outstanding competition problems in the economic sphere platform to promote the sustainable and healthy development of regulatory norms.

April 29, the Central Political Bureau meeting stressed that "platform to promote healthy economic development, completion of special rectification economic platform, implementation of normalization supervision."

HowNet and other platforms for enterprises play an important role in providing convenient services, promote scientific and technological progress and prosperity of the market economy, to participate in international competition, but we must note that, if it had engaged in unfair competition and monopolistic behavior, undermine fairness and justice, impede innovation and creativity.

With one hand and guide the development, encourage legal compliance management platform for enterprises through technical innovation, management innovation to enhance the core competitiveness; the one hand and regulatory norms, the implementation of the normalization of antitrust regulators, continuous purification platform competitive environment in the economic field, in order to promote economic platform healthy growth and sustainable development.

  Lan Linzong, website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission