Candidates are focusing on housing and transportation issues in Gyeonggi-do, which is considered to be the biggest winner of the June 1 local election.

Reporter Hwa Gang-yun analyzed the policies that Democratic Party candidate Kim Dong-yeon and People's Strength candidate Kim Eun-hye are each promoting.


Both Democratic Party candidate Kim Dong-yeon and People's Strength candidate Kim Eun-hye all agreed to solve the housing and transportation problems.

They agreed to shorten the time it takes to rebuild the old first-phase new city and to speed up the construction of the metropolitan express railroad.

Candidate Dong-yeon Kim promised to supply half-price apartments to homeless youth and newlyweds.

He said that he would also continue the 'basic income for youth' policy, but he will continue the policy stance of former Governor Lee Jae-myung, who achieved unification in the last presidential election.

[Kim Dong-yeon / Democratic Party Candidate for Gyeonggi Governor: Deep understanding of the contents of the policy and putting it into practice does not just happen.

Since this is a battle between a horseman and a worker, I think there is a big difference in practical ability.]

Candidate Eun-hye Kim promised to reduce the full amount of property tax for single households with a publicly announced price of 500 million won or less.

Discussing the responsibility for the 'policy failure' of candidate Kim Dong-yeon, who was the former deputy prime minister for economy, he argued the logic that the Yun Seok-yeol administration could do better with respect to real estate issues.

[Kim Eun-hye / People's Power Gyeonggi Governor Candidate: Many people in Gyeonggi-do suffered from the real estate tax bomb.

It is only possible for a powerful ruling party candidate to start construction of GTX as soon as possible and increase the number of metropolitan buses.] An

expert who looked at the pledge pointed out that measures to attract businesses and create jobs that will create a sustainable community are more important than measures for housing and transportation.

[Ji-Ho Jang/Professor of Public Administration at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies: (Gyeonggi-do residents) need to create (job) conditions where they can live in Seoul without having to use transportation to commute.

] In order not to end with a confrontation between Candidate Dong-yeon Kim, who united with former Governor Lee Jae-myung, and a 'proxy war' consumed by political battles, competition-based policy competition is desperately needed.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Park Hyeon-cheol, video editing: Won-yang)