Zhongxin Finance, May 15 (Reporter Liu Liang) May 15 is my country's 32nd National Day for Helping the Disabled, with the theme of "Promoting the Employment of Disabled Persons and Protecting the Rights and Interests of Disabled Persons".

In order to further appeal to all sectors of society to better safeguard the rights and interests of disabled persons, and to promote the all-round development and common prosperity of disabled persons, on the eve of the National Day of Helping the Disabled, the China Consumers Association and the China Disabled Persons' Federation jointly issued a statement to the society "To jointly promote the consumption fairness of disabled persons and safeguard the Disability Rights" initiative.

  The proposal states that persons with disabilities are equal members of the human family. It is necessary to carry forward the spirit of humanitarianism, respect and protect human rights, improve the social security system and care service system for the disabled, and promote the comprehensive development of the cause of the disabled.

  The proposal emphasizes seven aspects.

  First, we must strictly implement laws and regulations to protect the consumer rights and interests of the disabled.

Implement the requirements of laws and regulations such as the Civil Code, the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, and the Law on the Protection of Persons with Disabilities, oppose discrimination against persons with disabilities in consumption, and strive to eliminate the inconvenience and unfair consumption of persons with disabilities.

  The second is to promote the employment of disabled people and improve their spending power.

All levels and types of organs, institutions, enterprises, market players, social organizations, etc. shall earnestly implement the "Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Employment of Persons with Disabilities (2022-2024)" issued by the General Office of the State Council, and promote the employment of persons with disabilities to achieve adequate and high-quality employment , and gradually realize common prosperity.

  The third is to speed up the improvement of the public service system and improve the consumption quality of disabled persons.

Support and encourage the provision of public service products suitable for persons with disabilities, and make up for the shortcomings of basic public services for persons with disabilities.

Accelerate the improvement of the service system that meets the individual, diversified and multi-level needs of the disabled, and meet the needs of the disabled for a better life.

  Fourth, it is necessary to ensure the quality of products specially designed for the disabled and promote consumption safety.

Enterprises and market players at all levels and types should strengthen the main responsibility for quality and safety, ensure the production quality of assistive devices such as blind sticks, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and wheelchairs, and enhance the supply capacity of special products for the disabled.

Relevant functional supervision departments should strengthen quality supervision, and encourage activities such as supervision, experience, and comparative testing of products specially designed for the disabled in places where conditions permit.

  Fifth, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of barrier-free environment and optimize the consumption environment of the disabled.

Further improve barrier-free passage facilities, signs, and barrier-free service facilities in public places, speed up the barrier-free renovation of Internet websites and mobile apps related to consumption, and encourage and support market operators to provide subtitles and sign language for disabled people in consumption activities , voice, Braille and other accessible social services.

  Sixth, it is necessary to publicize consumption knowledge through multiple channels and enhance the consumption awareness of the disabled.

Widely popularize relevant consumer knowledge among all types of disabled people, advocate consumer education in schools, communities, rural areas, and work units, etc., to raise disabled people's awareness of self-protection of consumer rights and interests.

  Seventh, it is necessary to unblock the channels for rights protection and relief, so that consumers with disabilities can obtain tangible benefits.

Promote the establishment and improvement of multiple mechanisms for prevention, mediation and resolution of consumer disputes, unblock the green rights protection channels for disabled people, and provide door-to-door rights protection assistance to disabled consumers who are inconvenient to travel, so that disabled consumers have a more fulfilling, happy, and secure sense of gain. Safer and more sustainable.