In the night from Friday to Saturday, in front of a night bar on the Croisette, in Cannes, two people were injured by a knife.

Around 5 a.m., a man pulled out a knife in front of the party establishment, the bouncer then tried to disarm him and suffered minor injuries to his hand and forearm.

According to information from BFM Côte d'Azur, the man with the knife was then transported to Pasteur hospital in Nice in serious condition.

His weapon would have turned against him.

For the moment, the exact circumstances of the case are not known.

An investigation was opened and was entrusted to the Cannes national police station.

His vital prognosis engaged, he wakes up and escapes naked from the hospital


Alpes-Maritimes: A man sentenced to 8 years in prison for a fatal punch for a parking space

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