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  • Particularly intense fighting continues in the Donbass region, with no significant Russian advance, while "very difficult" negotiations are taking place over the fate of the last defenders of Mariupol.

  • In Finland, the Social Democratic Party is meeting this morning to decide whether it supports Finland's candidacy for NATO.

  • This Saturday is the grand finale of Eurovision and the big favorites of this contest are the Ukrainians of the group Kalush Orchestra.

    Will they win the title this year?




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9:04 am: The Azov regiment is still calling for help

Sviatoslav Palamar, deputy commander of the Azov regiment fighting in Azovstal, appealed to the United States "to evacuate our wounded and (that they) mobilize all efforts to help extract our regiment" from this encirclement.

"There are nearly 600 wounded on Azovstal, the Russians continue to bombard the military hospital", he testified from the factory.

“We are going to resist as long as we can (…), if we hadn't done it, this horde would go further”.

8:40 am: Towards a Russian annexation of south-eastern Ukraine?

According to the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Vladimir Putin “probably intends to annex southern and eastern Ukraine to the Russian Federation in the coming months”.

“Ukraine and its Western partners probably have only a reduced window of opportunity to support a counter-offensive in the territories occupied before” their annexation, according to this body.

8:30 am: "It's a horror, but they are still trying to achieve their ends"

In the Donbass, fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces is raging.

"There is heavy fighting on the border with the Donetsk region, near Popasna," said Sergei Gaïdaï, Ukrainian governor of the Lugansk region.

The latter reported numerous losses of equipment and personnel on the Russian side.

“It's a horror but they are still trying to achieve their ends.

But according to the interceptions (of telephone communications), we understand that an entire battalion refused to attack because they see what is happening,” he noted.

“We continue to see that the Russians are not making a significant hold” in this region, confirmed a US defense official.

8:20 a.m.: What about yesterday?

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