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Reassuring news from Queen Elizabeth II.

She appeared in fine form Friday at one of her favorite equestrian competitions, the Horse Show in Windsor.

Last Tuesday, the Queen missed the Speech from the Throne ceremony in the British Parliament due to her mobility issues. 

The British are reassured.

Queen Elizabeth II appeared all smiles on Friday at an equestrian competition in Windsor, the Horse Show.

Absent from certain events in recent months such as the ceremony of the Speech from the Throne due to her mobility problems.

Sitting in the front of a car, we saw her smiling and chatting with jockeys, wearing an elegant scarf, moving with her cane.

A great relief for the British

Queen Elizabeth II then entered the royal box, to the applause of the other spectators, delighted to see her in good shape.

"I'm glad she's healthy. It's great to see her back. It looks like she's immortal. I hope she stays alive for a long time. She's an icon, she's We've been there forever. We're holding on to it, we don't want to see her go," says a Londoner.

"We had a lot of upheaval this year, it's stability," she continued.

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"I didn't expect it but it's great to see that she's okay and that she's fit enough to go to the horse races. She's super strong. She's a fighter!"

launches a Briton.

An appearance that gave hope to these Britons: they hope to see the queen during the celebrations of her Platinum Jubilee, at the beginning of June.