As the spread of Corona 19 in North Korea accelerates, the number of new fevers reached 300,000 on the 14th.

North Korea's National Emergency Response Command announced on the 15th through the Korean Central News Agency that from the evening of the 13th to 6pm on the 14th, there were 296,180 new cases of fever (fever) nationwide, and 15 people died.

From the end of last month to 6 pm on the 14th, there were about 826,20 fever cases across North Korea, of which 496,30 had fully recovered, and 324,550 were receiving treatment, the news agency reported.

The cumulative death toll is 42.

Considering the fact that North Korea reported earlier on the 12th that there were 18,000 fever cases and 174,400 new cases on the 13th, the spread is steep.

North Korea said, "Since the current quarantine crisis, people lack awareness and understanding of stealth omicron mutant virus infection and do not know how to treat it.