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Newlyweds from stunt actors are attracting attention by presenting an unusual scene at their wedding reception.

According to foreign media on the 12th local time, the wedding of professional stunt actors Gabe Jessop and Ambib Bambir was held.

They met for the first time on a movie set and developed a love for them, and they prepared a very special reception for this wedding.

They prepared a performance in which they set their body on fire and exit using their 'stunt skills'.

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The couple started leaving with burn protection gel applied all over their bodies and a fire robe over their clothes. 

The fire that started with the prepared bouquet quickly spread to the backs of the bride and groom, and the couple carried a blazing fire and marched for a reception.

When a scene that could only be seen in an action movie appeared in front of their eyes, the guests were amazed and captured the scene with their cameras, cheering. 

The most 'hot (?)' people in the world exited safely with the fire extinguisher baptism of the guests. 

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Kate Dye, a wedding photographer, said, "The wedding exit is usually decorated with music by a band or a DJ. But today's wedding was a very unique and wonderful exit."

After the wedding, Mviv strongly urged on her social account, "Our wedding was done with a team of professionals and should not be attempted without proper training and equipment."

(Photo='@djrusspowell' TikTok, 'gabe_jessop' Instagram)